Do you want to develop the youth organization you are involved in?

27.10.2017, Press

Call for applications to organizational development events for youth organizations: The Civil Society Development Foundation organizes 10 events at national level between November and December 2017, with the goal to increase the capacity of non-governmental organizations working with young people with fewer opportunities to implement organizational development tools and processes, meant to ensure a greater professionalisation of the Romanian youth sector.

Within these events, participants will be invited to assess their organization’s development level at the present time and to think about future development opportunities in different areas of interest. For this, a structured self-assessment tool will be applied to 10 priority areas (good governance, financial aspects, knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, organizational structure, leadership, human resource management, beneficiary involvement, advocacy, external communication / branding organizational), as well as a set of specific exercises that support the improvement of interest areas for organizational development.

We propose a one and a half days facilitated event format, to help participants get familiarized with the use of the proposed tools for organizational development, in order for them to apply these tools within their organizations, with support or consultancy from the CSDF.

These events will take place in 10 cities across Romania:

07 – 08 November 2017: Bucharest (facilitator –  Vlad Dumitrescu)

10 – 11 November 2017: Brașov (facilitator – Elena Lupoaea-Petrea)

10 – 11 November 2017: Sibiu (facilitator – Elena Lotrean)

17 – 18 November 2017: Cluj-Napoca (facilitator – Andra Cordoș)

17 – 18 November 2017: Baia Mare (facilitator – Diana Sabo)

17 – 18 November 2017: Craiova (facilitator – Silvia Pătru)

17 – 18 November 2017: Timișoara (facilitator – Romina Matei)

24 – 25 November 2017: Iași (facilitator – Alexandra Anghel)

24 – 25 November: Constanța (facilitator – Răzvan Sassu)

08 – 09 of December 2017: Bacău (facilitator – Victor Toma)

** Please consider selecting the event that will take place in the closest location (geographically) of you.


The Preliminary Agenda is the following:


Day 1

14.00-15.30 Introduction, presentation of the European organizational development report and the organizational development matrix| Break

15.30-17.00 Applying the organizational development matrix


Day  2

09.30-11.00 Concepts of organizational development, questions and answers | Break

11.30-13.00 Presentation of the organizational development toolkit | Break

14.00-15.30 Organizational development exercises | Break

15.30-17.00 Conclusions, evaluation and follow-up plans

Why Participate? First of all because you will have the opportunity to experiment with specially designed working tools for youth organizations, aimed to develop diferent areas of the organization. Second, because if you want, the organization you represent will be able to benefit from consultancy to apply the tools as precisely as possible. You can also get support in the strategic planning process of your organization.

Selection of participants: We are looking for 10 people in each of the 10 locations, actively involved in inclusive youth organizations, that work with young people with fewer opportunities and who:

  • Have a decision making role within the organisation or are directly involved in organizational development activities, regardless their role(youth workers, executives etc.);
  • Have the motivation and ability to implement specific organizational development actions in the organization;
  • Are motivated to participate throughout the event (one and a half days)

The registration period is 24 October – 01 November 2017. Registrations are made by filling in the application form available HERE. The selection will be based on the above-mentioned criteria, and the results will be communicated starting with November 3, 2017.

For more information: Vlad Dumitrescu, email

These events are organized within the “Organizational Development for Youth Organizations” project. The project is coordinated by the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) in Romania, in partnership with Slovenia’s Center for Information, Co-operation and Development(CNVOS) and the European Network of National Civil Society Organizations(ENNA) and is co-funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus + program.